Packaging versus Gift

Packaging versus Gift: This is a story about how the words and the melody of a song, a bird sitting in the middle of the road and the small gesture of a stranger can make a difference.

When I first told it, someone asked me if it was a true story.

I said: Maybe.

However, why bother whether a story is fiction or fact? That is not what real stories are about. There is a deeper layer in these stories where the truth resides. It’s almost like getting a present. If you think the packaging is the actual present, you might miss the real gift inside.

Packaging versus Gift: moreover you actually may find that there is nothing inside the packaging.

Holy stories: if you confuse the packaging with the gift, you may find nothing inside

Holy Stories

The same goes even more for the greatest stories that mankind has conceived: the holy stories. As soon as they are considered to describe actual facts, their essence, the true gift inside, is lost. We will get into real trouble. Most of the time it ends in bloodshed. And that’s a pity, because inside the sometimes harsh shell of these stories hides the most beautiful gift to mankind.

As for my story, when asked for, I would swear by everything that’s dear to me that it is truly true and that it was situated in Lorraine in France in the glorious summer of 2014.

The dead cow, the hoopoe sitting in the middle of the road, the gesture of a stranger and how the words and the melodies of Bill Fay’s song mixed in perfectly on a day of death, grace and glory.

After that day nothing was the same anymore.

But that’s not what this story is about…