The Law of Love or how to experience that All is One

Law of Love

Delight of the Law

Law of Love

Law of Love

When nothing’s left to rely on anymore,

Only the Law of Love will remain.

The Law of Love is not about repression or dogma.

Not about rules or brute force.

The Law of Love is about how I deal with others

every step of the way.

The Law of Love gave me,

That nothing else has given me before.

No image of god, no guru, no method, no teacher

Has ever brought me greater joy and delight

Than knowing and following the Law of Love.

After all my searching under the sun I never found a stable image of God,

But thankfully I found the Law of Love.

And where does the Law of Love presses and urges us to?

Treat every living creature in the world

The way you would have liked to be treated,

If you, by a simple twist of fate,

Had been him, or her, or it.

Because remember: All is One.

And still I forget about the Law of Love day after day

And bring misfortune and sorrow into my life.

O Universe, teach me to pursue the Law of Love

Instead of the petty delusions of my own karma.

The Words of the Law call for love and love alone.

Everything else that’s been said

Or written about them is commentary, manipulation

Dogma and idleness.

What I’ve got to say might be an example of that.

No War, But Peace

The Law of Love doesn´t call for war,

It calls for Peace.

It calls for delight and happiness and

For putting ourselves in the position of others,

Even if the others are our enemies

Or, like we say, just animals.

Act according to the Law.

Because remember: All is One.

The Law of Love calls for openness

And for Belief in an undreamed-of perception,

That grows on the Tree of Life far away from our dreamworld.

The Law of Love calls me,

As It calls every living creature in the Universe.

Because remember: All is One.

Back to the Garden of Eden
The Law of Love. Don’t judge anymore. Be like the child you once were. Then the cherubim and the flaming sword which turns every direction, your superego, will disappear. Painting in the Saint Barbarachurch in Bunnik, the Netherlands. Made by Wim van Woerkom (Nijmegen, March 8, 1905 – February 28, 1998)

Information on the Saint Barbarachurch

More about Wim van Woerkom

These pages are available in Dutch only. However, the page on the Saint Barbarachurch gives an impression of the context of the painting by Wim van Woerkom.

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