Empires, falling down like old and weary trees


Empires falling down like old and weary trees

The old wolf feels his strength weakening. His days as leader of the pack are numbered. To hide his weakness he mixes in conflicts that occur lower in the hierarchy of the pack. He takes and changes sides and hopes to forge allegiances that will support him on the day of challenge. Maybe it works for a while, but his days are numbered.


The empires of this world are growing old and weary. Their debts are so huge that they will never be able to pay them back. Their moral standards are corrupt and their only vision for the future is to go on as they have done so far. They interfere in conflicts far away. The empires hope the proxy wars will result in such massive damage that they will become creditors instead of debtors. It may work for a while, but one day their wars will come home.

In this world there are nations that consider themselves as Chosen People. It doesn’t mean that they think they are superior to other peoples nor that they are better-off. As for the latter: on the contrary, chosen people usually live marginal lives throughout most of their history. They belong to the pack of peoples and at the same time they do not belong to it. They observe the other nations warily, always on guard that they may bear the brunt of their frustration if the others might choose to do so.

Divine origin or indispensable instinct?

Whether or not their insight into the psyche of mankind has divine origins (chosen people themselves are convinced it has, scientists think it is an indispensable instinct without which they wouldn’t have survived evolution), a fact is that they have a deep understanding of the mechanics that work within a group of humans.

This knowledge is conveyed to the next generation by oral tradition or holy books. Chosen people believe they have a mission: to preserve the Law as it is given to them by the Supreme Being and warn other nations if they stray too far from this Law and life gets out of balance.


The inscription in the rock in Hopi Nation is drawn in modern times by a person who belonged to the pack and at the same didn’t belong. It is therefore not as much a prophecy as it is a Life Plan. The inscription shows that man has two ways of life to choose from. The first road depicts people with their heads loose from their bodies. They live grand, opulent lives but they have lost their minds and souls. The empires take this road, because it seems inviting and comfortable.

But this way of life ends in a zigzag not unlike that of a seismometer registering a massive, apocalyptic earthquake. The other way of life is symbolized by a corncob. This is the road taken by those who live in harmony with nature and follow the Law of the Big Painter in the Sky. So far, not many walk this road. It never ends and makes a full circle around the stone back to where it once began. It’s up to mankind to choose from either of those ways of living. There is no in between.

The inscription resembles the story about the narrow and broad road in the Bible: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” It’s also reminiscent of the way Japanese poet Matsu Basho describes annihilating his own self in the Narrow Road to the Deep North.

Breathtaking, Unnameable Presence

Is there not any hope left? Yes, there are new baby shoots that seem to stray away from the eternal struggle for dominance and submission.

And most religious traditions speak of a breathtaking, unnameable presence that, in a critical time, is going to help mankind with its next leap of consciousness.

By whatever name he is called in the various religious traditions, be it Messiah, Maasaw, Mahdi, Maitreya, don’t stop praying: Come, please, come soon.

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